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The Mobosearch Modules

Here you can find information on all the software modules of the MoboSearch project. MoboSearch works via a combination of various modules, that take care of downloading data from the Google Play Store, extracting the information, and then processing it in various forms. There are also modules to then generate websites using the app data, and to provide a backend search service. The modules are the following ones:

The first module of the chain, that downloads data and extracts the relevant information.
The second module of the chain, that enrichers the data generated by AppScanner with more information.
The third module of the chain, that adds ranking information.
The backend search component.
The module that automatically generates websites from app data.

Have a look also at the data section.

Last but not least, you can also download the first version of the MoboSearch project (with code in Jupyter format), before Google completely changed in mid 2022 the data format of the Play Store.

2023 MoboSearch Project - NLNet Discovery