Data Samplers

image showing a mobile phone and apps


Here you can download data samplers that have been generated using the Mobosearch modules. In particular, you can download information on over 20,000 apps in the various stages as produced by the whole Mobosearch chain:

App sources
As generated by AppScanner with the option to save sources (beware this is a big file, 5.4Gb).
App results (AIF format)
As generated by AppScanner.
App enriched (AIF format)
As further generated by AppEnricher.
App ranked (AIF format)
The final, more complete AIF (App Interchange Format) dataset as ultimately generated by AppRanker.

Note that there is also app data (although in a different format) available for download in the first version of the MoboSearch project, before Google completely changed in mid 2022 the data format (not only of the pages, but also the whole semantics) of the Play Store, which has also historical value about the situation in the Play Store previous to the big change.

2023 MoboSearch Project - NLNet Discovery